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Hello and welcome to our little café in the internet!

If you got here to our blog, no matter how you got here, there may be parts of you that know that the journey is worth living it! That taking the chance to live abroad, to explore your unknowns, might be the best choice you ever made.

Now, as for how to get there, the problems, the challenges, the homesickness and loneliness on the way...we are here to tell you that it’s aaaaall worth it!

Living abroad is one of the quickest ways out there to grow and learn about yourself. We give our full potential when we are up against the wall, so go for it and discover the world around you!

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Fun facts about us


Sara worked for months as a gelato maker when in Australia.


Riccardo has visited 40 European countries. All but Ireland, Estonia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.

Church in Brazil

Sara moved to a small village next to Amazonia for 6 months when she was 17.


Riccardo unsuccessfully played a variety of sports from football, to basketball, from tennis to American football. He is now a passionate runner.

Tough choices

Sara is:

Team Cat

Team Apple

Team Espresso

Team Picnic

Team Coca Cola

Riccardo is:

Team Dog

Team Android

Team Espresso

Team Barbecue

Team Pepsi

Modern Office

How did we meet? Bright sides of any 9-5 job, is that it gives you plenty of time to get to know your desk neighbour, so at some point we started sharing feelings, other than meeting rooms. A family of two was soon born!


Hey there!

We are an Italian couple living abroad (currently in Munich, Germany) with a strong passion for exploring the world and all its colours.

Our goal is simple yet profound: to inspire, inform, and foster a sense of community among those who crave discovery. Through insightful articles and practical tips, we aim to be your companion on this odyssey of exploration and self-learning.

We are happy to hear directly from you!

You can reach us at or using the bottom below.

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