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Hi there!

We are an Italian couple living abroad (currently in Munich, Germany) with a strong passion for exploring the world and all its colours. 

Our goal is simple yet profound: to inspire, inform, and foster a sense of community among those who crave discovery. Through insightful articles and practical tips, we aim to be your companion on this odyssey of exploration and self-learning.


We are happy to hear directly from you! You can reach us at 

Hello, I'm Sara!

Since I was little, I have been an enthusiastic traveller, but time and money often got in the way. I knew education was crucial for my future, but I soon realized that something was missing. That's when I found the perfect mix for me: studying and working abroad.

Now, let me take you with me on my adventures! I hope my stories inspire others who, like me, dream of exploring the world. Come along, and let's discover the wonders our planet has to offer!

Skyline Siena
Skyline Rome

Hey! It’s me, Riccardo!

Living away from home is a walk in the park! Except the park is on fire and you walk towards the flames!

I hope I won’t be less credible now if I introduce myself as Sara’s (very) funny husband.

Years and years abroad and I learnt (and keep learning everyday) so many invaluable lessons, that it would be a missed chance not to take you on the journey. Are you ready to embrace it?

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